Blessing, Joy



This is my theme for this year.  I didn’t set out to find a theme, it just somehow (not sure how) fell into my lap and I love it. 

You’re probably thinking that I forgot to put a space in there, but I like it better how it is.  This way, it could mean so MANY things…

  • joyfully blessed      
  •  joyful & blessed 
  • joy & fully blessed  etc. etc. etc.

Basically I desire to live this year focusing on the blessings God gives me each and every day and just living in the joy that he alone can provide.   No matter how crappy a day might have been, there are still blessings in that day and I want to find them and focus on them. 

I’m not sure what that will look like in this blog.  I’m already keeping a written journal of all of the things I see as blessings each day.  Maybe I’ll list those on here some days.  Maybe I’ll focus on one.  Maybe I’ll post pictures.  Who knows?  But I pray that you too, can join me in this journey of recoginzing our many blessings in 2009.

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