Blessing, Joy

Joyfullyblessed like Joseph

So this morning I was reading in Genesis the story of Joseph.  For those of you that don’t know the story or those of you that would like a refresher… here’s a basic, (very simplified) recap of the story:

There was this guy Joseph who was one of 12 sons.  His dad loved him the most and the other brothers were jealous.  The brothers sold Joseph as a slave and told the father that he had been eaten by a while animal.  Joseph went to Egypt where he earned some respect and gained high position, but then his master’s wife framed him and blamed him for trying to “be with” her when really she was the one trying to “be with him.”  Back to the bottom he goes and sits in jail for a while.  Eventually he gets called out to interpret one of Pharoah’s dreams and Pharoah ends up putting him second in command in all of Egypt.  The people go through 7 plentiful years where Jospeh stores up grain so in the 7 years to follow the people would have food to eat.  In one of the years of famine, Joseph’s brothers end up coming to Egypt to get grain to survive.  They don’t recognize Joseph but he recognizes them.   After a few tricks and random things, he reveals himself to them. …. (HERE’S THE PART I REALLY WANTED TO GET TO)… Joseph’s brothers are scared to death (especially after thier dad dies) that Joseph, who has a lot of power is going to get revenge on them for selling him into slavery.  Instead, he gives them a place to live, loves them, and welcomes them saying something to the effect of, “What you intended for evil, God used for good.” 

Many of us would probably rather look at the thing that our brothers did to us and used our power to get back at them.  Instead, Joseph chose to see the blessing in the situation and the amazing way God used this horrible act by his brothers to keep SO many people alive for those years.  It was definitely blessing in a BIG disguise. 

I pray that I too can seek the blessing in each situation and wait in joy for those blessings to be revealed out of the difficult things in life.

In Him Who Blesses Joyfully,
His daughter,
joyfullyblessed <><

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