joyfullyblessed even when it’s hard.

I just want to say that I’m super excited about this theme for my year.

I’m glad that the first week or so of focusing on the joys and the blessings were so abundantly filled with blessings because then when I hit days like today where something that doesn’t quite seem like a blessing, life is still okay.  …
1. By focusing so much on this I can try to FIND and SEARCH for the blessing in the hard situation.
2. I actually can live a joyful life because I’m not only focusing on the bad thing, but also the many blessings and joys in life as well.

God, thank you for giving me a life that I can live joyful and fully blessed.  In this situation right now I pray that you would show me the blessing and help me to live in your joy no matter what.  AMEN!

In Jesus’ Name,
joyfullyblessed <><

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