Blessing, Joy

surprised & joyfullyblessed to serve

There have been many blessings and joys in the past couple days.  One of the biggest surprises from God came yesterday (Sunday) morning.  I had a long conversation with someone the night before and was struggling through stuff and long story really short, a very similar topic was spoken on in church the very next morning.  The coolest part of this is, the church I ended up going to was not the church I actually intended to go to when I left my apartment yesterday morning.   First, I walked to the church I was originally going to go to, sat down in the pew, opened the bulletin and found out that a jr. high event that I was going to help with that I thought was Saturday was actually on Sunday and they were leaving in like 5 minutes.  So I got up from my pew, walked all the way out of the church and found the youth group who was attending a church in Lincoln before the service project. 

I’ve always wanted to go to this other church, but never really had a ride and all of the sudden we’re pulling in and I was so excited.  The service as a whole was exactly what I needed as we begin this semester and I would have never been there had it not been for so many random things falling into place. 

The great day kept getting better as I watched (and participated with) 10 jr. high kids taking time out of their weekend to serve a meal to people who were homeless.  I too had always wanted to go help at this place serving meals to the homeless, but hadn’t gotten a chance. 

God is soooo good and constantly suprises me by the joyful and blessing filled situations he places me in.

Thanks God!!!

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