a joyfullyblessed day

I could sit around and complain about the fact that everyone else had today off while I was crazy busy, but instead I was excited (and at times amused) by the events of today.

Of course there were classes and such, but we also had a cool speaker on campus… Jim Purks.  He was a civil rights reporter and spoke about some eye witness events as well as a few times that he interviewed Martin Luther King Jr.  He was a really cool, really down to earth guy and was fun to listen to.  He also came to a dessert buffet to answer questions tonight.  I was helping serve desserts so I didn’t hear much of what he was talking about at the tables, but enjoyed what I did (as well as the smorgosboard of desserts! 🙂 There was also a mortgage burning for one of our buildings which while it was a little corny at times it’s really cool to think about how neat it is to have that all paid off so quickly on the building.  The RAs also had lunch today with the Board of Regents/Foundation for the school.  The conversation at the table was so fun.  It was this group of older men all talking about all the many different reasons why they wouldn’t have been allowed to be RAs when they were in school (all the pranks they pulled, all the crazy things they did).   It was a laughter filled event.  Overall it’s just been a joyful day filled with blessing after blessing!

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