Joyfullyblessed… to Continue Blogging

So, I originally started this blog a couple years ago but didn’t do much with it.  After blogging so much in Africa and falling in love with writing in general again, I decided, why not keep a blog at least through my internship?  Many of the people who followed my blog while in Africa kept saying how they wanted to hear about my adventures in New York.  Well, here I am… blogging again.


In case you’re wondering where the “joyfullyblessed” came from (or why I make it all one word) check out my original blog post from January 1, 2009.  (I had decided to make it a theme for myself for 2009… well, I guess it just stuck for life in general.)


May you be blessed as you join my “joyfullyblessed” journey in (and to) New York which starts tomorrow!

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