First Trinity

JB… by High Seas Expedition (aka VBS)

I’m definitely JOYFULLYBLESSED by VBS.  This year’s theme was High Seas Expedition and it was a great experience with over 200 kids and 100+ volunteers.  I got to be one of the Bible Voyage leaders which was awesome because I got to help make God’s Word come ALIVE for the kids that came each day.

Here are some other highlights and pictures:

This is a picture of all the nametags for the volunteers. (look at both tables!!!)  Yea, it took THAT many people to make VBS happen!!! (And that doesn’t count all the others who did other things like donating items and snack supplies, getting crafts ready, and….




SETTING UP!!! Like these awesome volunteers who helped set up the stage last Saturday.





Let the Vast Voyage begin!


Over 200 kids came each day to hear about God’s mighty love through his amazing Word.  Here are the Bible Points for each day!

Day 1: God’s Word is true!

Day 2: God’s Word is comforting!

Day 3: God’s Word is surprising!

Day 4: God’s Word is life-changing.

Day 5: God’s Word is for EVERYONE!!!

I want to say a special thank you to Frank my helper, decorator, sound-effects guy, and music man extraordinaire!  Today, he even helped teach the lesson by reviewing the past few days with the kids!  He was awesome!  Here he is teaching the kids:


It was an awesome week and as we learned on Day 4, God’s Word truly does change lives and it did this week.  It was also a great way for me to jump in and get to know people (and a few more names) as I begin my internship.

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