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Joyfullyblessed… to simply be His child

So, I always appreciate when people are real with me, so here I am, being “real” with the world. 


It finally happened.  All the events, emotions, and adventures of the past few months of my life just hit me like one of those giant wrecking balls taking down a house.  I knew it would happen at some point, but just didn’t know when.  Maybe that’s not quite the best analogy because that makes it sound like a really bad thing, but it’s not at all! 


Sure, I’ve been dealing with the various emotions throughout the process of graduation, living in Africa for a month, moving to New York and everything in between, but I think tonight everything just hit at all at the same time… and out of nowhere…. yet, in God’s perfect timing. 


All the joy of God’s many blessings, the sorrow of loved ones dying, the excitement of a new job at a wonderful church with beautiful people, the loneliness found in missing familiar relationships, being overwhelmed with responsibilities, anticipating (and experiencing) new adventures, my heart being touched by conversations and relationships, my soul being attacked by the Evil One, the freedom in letting go, the anticipation, yet uncertainty of the future, the peace in just living for today in God’s presence  … it’s just a lot to process and like I said… for a few moments tonight, I was down for the count.


BUT down, I think, is where I needed to go.  I needed to sort through all the “stuff” in order to understand the deep peace in coming back to the beautiful simplistic truth, that I AM GOD’S DAUGHTER… AND HE LOVES ME! 


Below is a song by Moses Hogan that we sang almost every year in one of the choirs I was in.  I think it describes that simple truth of being God’s child and hope illustrates the peace that has now covered my heart in words I don’t have of my own.


“I may not be all that You are.

I may not be a shining star.

But what I am, I thank the Lord, for making me His child!

Thank You Lord, for hearing every prayer.

Thank You Lord, for just being there.

Thank You Lord.

Thank You Lord, for I am not worthy of Your love.

“I may not be all that You are.

I may not be a shining star.

But what I am, I thank the Lord, for making me His child!”



I truly am JOYFULLYBLESSED to simply be God’s daughter…beautiful and loved.

5 thoughts on “Joyfullyblessed… to simply be His child”

  1. Been praying for you since I first read this on Friday, Bekah. I don’t want you to go through painful times, but I am glad to hear that it has finally hit you and that in hitting you, you have been driven to that sweet simple truth: you are His own. I love your heart and I am so thankful you are here. God keep you.

    1. Thanks for the prayers… God truly is good, ALL the time! Can’t wait til tomorrow to tell you about my adventures today. 🙂 Definitely another good day in WNY!

  2. How true, Bekah!

    I’m mostly commenting because I wanted to say I LOVE Moses Hogan’s music. We sing “Hear My Prayer” with the Canisius Chorale every year. “I’m gonna sing til the spirit moves in my heart” has to be one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard – and that’s just from a recording!

    1. I agree that Moses Hogan is AMAZING! The children’s choir I was in when we would sing this song met at a college in KS that Moses Hogan would come and do workshops at for the college choir. One year he had an extra Sat. morning time slot and came and directed us singing this piece… AMAZING!!!

      You’ll have to let me know when you have concerts with your Chorale if you’re in it this year. I’d love to come listen!

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