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Joyfullyblessed… “Blessed is the One”

I was on the way home from church today and the song “Blessed is the One” by Daniel Doss Band was playing in my car.  It really fit well with Pastor’s sermon series right now about the “Round-About Ways of God”.  Many of the words connected with the point in the sermon last week about how God uses the desert times in our life to teach us patience… to trust him one day at a time. It also connects with one of today’s points that those desert times make us strong in Christ.

These two sections especially jumped out at me:


“Suffering through the desert places
You never said it would be easy
You just promised you’d be with me
For blessed is the one
Blessed is the one who trusts You”


“I will trust in you in the pain, when I can’t see past today
When it’s hard to lift my hands to praise you, I will trust you.”


Check out the song here (for some reason it’s only part of it):


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