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Joyfullyblessed… to dig into God’s Word

In the process of handing out nametags and talking to people tonight at short course, I realized that I’ve officially been at First Trinity for three months.


I don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate than an awesome opportunity to dig into God’s Word together. :)  What a fun night in Philippians 2!


(And then I realized– that means I’m 1/4 the way through my internship… and I’ve still got A LOT to learn in the coming months!) 🙂



3 thoughts on “Joyfullyblessed… to dig into God’s Word”

  1. Hello Bekah!

    I met you (again) last night at the Philippians Bible Study with my sister, Kathy Gibson. I mentioned to her that she could tell you that you did a great job and that I passed on the YouTube video to Pastor Sorenson, at my church, Grace Lutheran, in Niagara Falls and that he liked it – but I thought I’d do it myself after checking out your blog. You did/do a fantastic and thorough job on it – just as you did with Bible Study last night. It seems you are fully enjoying your time here, and getting the full flavor of the area. You’ve done some things I haven’t – and I’ve lived here my entire life! And, probably more importantly you seem to be giving First Trinity your very best!! I think MANY people are VERY thankful you survived the car wreck! Thanks for last night – and your entertaining, and spiritually full, blog. I also posted this in the About Rebekah section but figured you might not see it there. Don’t really know much about how these work – other than reading them.

    Mark Binkley

    1. Thanks Mark! It was great to meet you (again). I’m pretty sure I’ll remember you now. Monday was a good chance for me to really connect names and faces.

  2. Hey “joyfullyblessed”,
    Great job, on the bible study. I don’t think you are new at teaching the Bible, Someone is going to get a great DCE next year.

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