31 Days of Hope

31 Days of Hope.

Recently I began following the blog of a woman who is writing for 31 days straight about GRACE.

It has been wonderful to focus on the idea of grace so much as I read her blog each day.  One of my favorite passages recently is from James 4:6 which says, “… but he gives us more grace.”  I love the idea of constantly focusing on one aspect of God’s faithfulness like this woman is doing by writing each day for the month of October about grace.  When you focus so much on something like that I’m sure it’s not just some concept but rather, it becomes a part of you!


The concept of “hope” has been on my heart a lot recently, and I’m always up for a good challenge… so, I though, why not???


31 days of HOPE.


What do you think? 


I think… I’ll start tomorrow… randomly … the 14th of October in the year 2010 … wrapping up this journey (at least on the computer screen) November 13… the day of Mission Madness… it seems amazingly fitting as we think about the servant hearts of First Trinity providing hope or rather, pointing to Hope himself, for the people of Haiti and Hurricane, WV.


Let’s do it!  I pray you’ll join me to explore this “anchor for the soul”!

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Hope.”

  1. I am there with you. Being a person who once had no hope in my life, and now seeing the awesome freedom that comes with the hope I have in my Savior, I couldn’t think of a better thing to talk about. I love you Rebekah Freed and am blessed by the amazing way you shine God’s light through your life!

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