31 Days of Hope

Hope {Day 11} – “The Rest of the Story”

I remember moments sitting in the car as a little girl when mom would suddenly reach over and change the radio dial from whatever station it was on (normally one of the Christian radio stations) to KFDI, the country station in Wichita.  She didn’t turn the station because of the music really;rather, mom knew that at the top of the hour, KFDI would broadcast the news and weather forecast.  Normally, as soon as mom got the information she wanted, the station would switch back, but sometimes it would get left and we’d end up listening to Paul Harvey giving us “The rest of the story.” 


Being that it’s Day 11 of this journey to discover and blog about HOPE for 31 days straight I was starting to wonder if I’ll have enough to write about for 20 more days… I couldn’t even think about what to write about today.  Then, suddenly as I was praying with a friend on the phone tonight, a new thought about hope emerged and it has to do with “the rest of the story.” 


The concept of battles in life has been on the forefront of my mind especially with Pastor’s sermon series about battling in prayer.  Tonight as I battled in prayer with a sister in Christ for another sister who’s struggling, I suddenly had a renewed sense of hope in the situation: 


I believe we can find hope in the midst of whatever battles we face because WE ALREADY KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!  It’s kind of like reading the end of a book first.  We know the outcome but still go back and read the whole book wondering how the plot twists and turns to get us to that point.


In the battles of life, we may not know how long the enemy will fight.  We may not know the suffering that will take place in the midst of the struggles, but we do know that Jesus has ALREADY secured the victory for us!


John 16:33 tells us, “In this world, you WILL have trouble, BUT TAKE HEART! I have overcome the world.”


We have an overcoming Savior.  Jesus already battled the greatest battle ever fought on the cross.  He fought against the enemies of Sin, Death, and the Devil, and overcame.  And as we share in his suffering, we also share in his victory!


So when we find ourselves in the battles of life, we can find HOPE in the fact that we already know “the rest of the story.”  And though we may not know the twists and the turns ahead of us, we do know our outcome is secure in Christ. May that provide REST IN the story!

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