Hope {Day 13} – No, REALLY… God Loves YOU!


I think in times where we need hope the most, we have to come back to the simple fact that GOD LOVES US.  It seems so simple and it seems like that can’t be enough, but in reality, it is more than enough. 


I love the way Jerusha Clark puts it in her book, Every Thought Captive:

“God loves you” is not a platitude or a simple answer for all of life’s hurts. 

It is the most RADICAL, most COMPLEX TRUTH of your existence, the most poignant hope of your heart.


As Jerusha says in her book: “I pray that Truth would sink down into your heart with fullness of life.  I pray that the grace and beauty (and HOPE) of His love would pierce you as never before.”


Hey there… yea… you reading this blog post right now…




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