31 Days of Hope

Hope {Day 18} – Back to Square One

As I continue to explore and discover hope, there are many things I could say and I even wrote an entire blog post for today already. However, I decided that instead of posting it, I just want to direct you to this blog post that I stumbled upon earlier today written by a woman named Myra.   May it encourge you and remind you of the HOPE found simply in delighting in Jesus’ love for us!

Finding My Way Back To Square One 

My prayer today is that as we go back to the basics… as we open God’s Word, as we seek him in prayer… as we share with others what God is doing in our lives…  that we can find HOPE for whatever we face. 


 Dear Jesus, help us to find hope by delighting in your great love for us.  When life gets confusing and complicated, remind us to come back to the simple truth that You love us and are more than enough for us.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

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