31 Days of Hope

Hope {Day 22} – A Prayer of Hope for Haiti

Gracious God,

We bring before you the people of Haiti and pray that you would provide HOPE.  In a country that has needed so much help for so long, we continue to see devastation after devastation… an earthquake, the cholera outbreak, and now a hurricane on it’s way and those are only the “big” things.  We don’t see the unbearable daily struggles these people face.  We sit here far away in geographical distance… but for many of us not far in heart. We sit and we pray.


This country (and many others like it around the world) probably could easily sound a lot like Job asking, “What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient? (Job 6:11).


One thing after another after another keeps impacting the beautiful people of Haiti and it must be difficult to have hope… difficult to be patient.  But, Lord, we have this promise from Your Word as well, “But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” (Psalm 9:18)


You have not forgotten the people of Haiti and you never will.  Lord, I do pray that as they are afflicted in so many ways that their hope would not perish, but rather that you would restore their hope and that they would find it in You alone. 


It seem like there’s no way possible people can survive.  There’s nowhere to go… many of them are living in simple tents that probably don’t even protect them from a normal rain shower, let alone a hurricane.  It seems hopeless… but Lord, we wait in hope for You, for You are their help and their shield (Psalm 33:20) 


You are a powerful God and your Word proclaims that NOTHING is impossible for you.  So today, we pray for safety and protection for the people in Haiti.  Get them safely through this storm and continue to be with them as the rebuild and rebuild and rebuild their country.  Keep them healthy despite the many illnesses going around.  Lord, it truly does seem hopeless, but we know that YOU ARE HOPE and so we trust that all of this is in your hands.


All this, and so much more, we pray in Jesus’ Name,

AMEN! Let it be so!



(Side note: I will be out of town until Sunday.  I’ve written a post for tomorrow and Saturday and hopefully they are set to post themselves on those days.  But if it doesn’t work… don’t worry… you’ll just get three doses of hope on Sunday!  While we’re on the subject of the trip, and of prayer, please pray for the First Trinity Youth Group and many more youth groups who will be gathering in Cleveland Ohio for Acquire the Fire this weekend.  Blessings to you all!)

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