31 Days of Hope

Hope {day 29} – “Were” … a Hopeful word?

So, I was getting ready to write my blog post for today… Day 29.  But then I read the blog post of a friend and decided that instead of writing today, I’d link to his post.  While the original topic was about his class yesterday, he had some interesting thoughts about some scripture that may not seem full of hope at first, but in reality, is packed full with it!


Check out his post by clicking here:

A Snippet from School- Trying to be the best student that I can be



Lord, we thank you that we WERE filled with sin and everything that separate us from you.  It sounds weird to say that, but it’s so true… You’ve made us new.. and for that we give you praise!  Help us to live new lives, free from guilt or shame of what we once WERE.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

2 thoughts on “Hope {day 29} – “Were” … a Hopeful word?”

    1. 🙂 sorry it’s been crazy around here. i mean to send you a message telling you, but forgot. 🙂 anyway, love you!

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