31 Days of Hope

Hope {Day 30} – Remember Me

So, I just finished reading, Red, the second in Ted Dekker’s Circle Series.  These are very interesting books and to be honest I would have NEVER probably picked them up to read on my own, but after the recommendation from many people, I’m reading them. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Still at times not what I normally would be reading, but there are such cool pictures of God’s love story intertwined throughout. 


There was such a beautiful picture in the last part of this second book that reminded me of HOPE.  I’ll try not to give away any of the story in case anyone wants to read this series (which I would recommend by the way). Where I pick up below, the “Jesus” figure in the book is standing with some believers and this conversation takes place…



“Your lives have always been about the Great Romance, and in the days to come you will understand that like never before.  Your love will be tested. Others will join you.  Some will leave.  Some will die.  All of you will suffer.  [Others] will hate you because their hearts have been stolen and their eyes have been blinded… But … keep your eyes on me until the end…”

“None of us will ever leave you,” Lucy cried.

“Then guard your heart, my princess.  Remember how I love you, and love me the same.  Always.”

"”You won’t see me again for some time, but you will have my water. … I charge you to bring them to me.  One by one, if you must.  Show them my heart.”



Now, of course this all makes even more sense if you read the 376 pages leading up to this conversation, but even without the rest of the story, I think it still is a beautiful picture.  At least for me, it reminds me of hope in the midst of struggle… when looking at a whole situation seems too overwhelming, Jesus simply calls me to remember his love for me and love him the same.” 


God never says there won’t be trial.  In fact, he says, “In this world you WILL have trouble.” (John 16:33a).  But the cool part is that the verse doesn’t stop there.  Jesus continues saying, ‘BUT TAKE HEART, I have overcome the world.”  He’s saying, “Keep your eyes on me and I will bring you through.  REMEMBER HOW I LOVE YOU.  TAKE HEART. FIND HOPE!”


And now he commands us to hand that love…  that hope … to others.  They might resist as Satan has stolen their hearts and blinded their eyes, but Jesus’ hope, His love, is stronger.  He sends us out to bring people to Hope.  One by one if we must.  We MUST show others our Savior’s heart. 


“Remember Me.

Know Hope.

Give Hope.

And one day, we’ll celebrate together forever.”

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