Oh that nasty Satan
So good at telling lies
That bind, constrict, destroy, and kill
So many innocent lives


He tells you you’re not good enough
But yet builds you up with pride
Insecurity overwhelms your heart
Makes you run and hide


The chains wrapped tight around your soul
Getting tighter and tighter each day
But there’s one thing that is stronger still
Love alone breaks chains away


It starts as just a whisper
One Satan tries desperately to end
But slowly it gets louder still
A simple "hope" points ’round the bend


Around that bend you swear didn’t exist
Despair blocked it from your view
But as light broke through your darkened heart
You realized that hope really is for YOU


It’s not just for those "other ones"
"For anyone but me"
No, truth be told, Jesus loves all
And love … has set you



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