December 26th.

(A re-post from a few years ago).


Well, officially, in the view of the world, Christmas is over.

All this hype leading up to that one day, December 25th.

We celebrate Jesus or we celebrate Santa.

The stockings that were hung by the chimney with care are now getting put back into boxes for next year.

We got up early that one day to see what Santa brought us.

The gifts that took time and energy and patience to stand in long lines, carefully hide and wrap beautifully are now torn open and strewn about the house, some games never to be played again.

Relatives travel home, decorations come down, sales at the mall begin to fade after a few days, and then we all sit around and wait another 365 days to do it all again right?


Why can’t we celebrate Christmas everyday?

Why not hang our worries like stockings each night and wake up to see that God has replaced them with joy.

Why not get up early every morning, anxious to see what God has planned for us for that day?

Why not give the actual gifts of time, energy, and patience and go out to serve others?

Why not have relatives come just for the fun of it to enjoy their presence?

Why not decorate our hearts with the love, joy, peace, and hope of Christ’s birth each and every day?

Instead of waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus in 365 days, why not wait eagerly for THE day…. the day he’s coming back to take all those who believe to heaven with him?


Why not have Christmas everyday?!?!?!

MERRY CHRISTMAS… today and everyday!

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