Sometimes we just need to step back and remember who God is. 


I guess that’s always the case, but especially tonight as I went to bed, trying to sleep, knowing I needed sleep so I can get up extra early in the morning to go get my second Hepatitis A shot before heading to Haiti next week…. I needed to step back and remember who God is. 

As I thought about how far God has brought me in life and what he continues to bring me through, I needed to step back and remember who God is. 

As I process my to-do list over and over in my head, telling myself “one thing at a time, Bekah”, I need to step back and remember.. “No, not one thing at a time, simply, ONE THING!” 

As I was lying there, talking with God, asking him to help me fall asleep, I realized that there was someone else I needed to be talking to as well.  For you see, when God is at work doing great things in our lives, someone else starts to work even harder, though we often forget his presence… and he likes it that way 


And so, my conversation suddenly switched, for a little while, from the desperate cry of “Help me rest in You, God!” to the bold declaration of “BACK OFF SATAN!”


“Back off, Satan.  BACK. OFF. NOW.  You have no hold on me.  My name may mean “bound” but, I am freed!  I am not in chains by the lies you tell me.  So just back off!  Back off because God IS going to do great things through me whether you like it or not.  God IS going to do great thing through this Haiti trip.  God IS going to do great things through Chuck and Susan and Dan and Renee and Sara and Jon and Anne and Dale and John and Marsha and Mariah and Allen and Bruce.   God is bigger than YOU!  God IS at work in the high school youth and the volunteers that lead them.  God IS at work in the young adults and those passionate about connecting us with God.  God IS at work in my relationships with family and friends.  God IS ALIVE and he is so much bigger than you.  So back off.  GO away.  You’re not going to win.  My God loves me.  My God loves the people I see everyday.  My God loves the people of First Trinity and of Haiti and of Uganda and of the entire world.  So back off.  back off… back off.  We already know the outcome… Jesus Christ has one the victory. Yea, Satan, I said his name… Jesus Christ… the one that overpowered you, yea… he’s on MY side, so back off.”


Satan is real, friends and he doesn’t like it at all when great things are happening for God’s kingdom.  He’s tried super hard to stop this Haiti trip, but the awesome thing is that we know who our God is and nothing is impossible for Him!  No increased flight costs nor out-of-stock shots… not political unrest nor any fear Satan can try to put in our hearts.  Nothing can stop our God!


We ask you to be in prayer… in battle… for these upcoming Haiti trips.  God hears and answers… He IS alive! 


Thank you …

or rather I should say…




(Click here to follow the Haiti Mission Teams starting this Sunday March 6 through Tuesday March 22)

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