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My Blogging “To-Do” List

Wow.  There are so many things I’ve been wanting to blog about, but because of all the awesome things happening right now, I have has less and less time to actually write about it.  So, before I forget what they are, I’ve started a list, right here on the blog.  I hope to get to these things soon.  Keep your eyes open and, if there’s something you really want to hear about (either below or something else), post a comment or something to bug me and maybe it’ll get here sooner rather than later. :) 

  1. More details about our 30 Hour Famine a couple weeks ago with the youth and some awesome places we saw God
  2. The Crossroads CONNECT activity tonight as we learned more about Lent by talking about Mardi Gras and the masks we wear that God asks us to lay down during lent, and everyday, so we can see his love (To be written Tuesday)
  3. A connection between faith, life, and the basement renovations at FT
  4. Young Adult Ministry – in general, what’s happening at FT, and why it’s important all wrapped up in the fact that I’m a “young adult” myself
  5. My preparations to leave for Haiti in 10 9 days- preparing literally, in my heart, in prayer, with others, and more
  6. The song “Pleasing”

1 thought on “My Blogging “To-Do” List”

  1. Write about Lent before Tuesday! I might want to use it for my small group! I was planning on talking to them about Lent that day. =)

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