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Who I am… an Offering of Self

I don’t know if I had heard this song before but I’ve heard it twice in the past two days and LOVE it.  Check out some of the lyrics here… I think it’s pretty obvious from reading them, why I think this song is awesome:

“You see yourself in the mirror of the temporary
And you think that your worth is something to be achieved
When your value really is a question of identity
Has it ever crossed your mind
Who you are to Me


You’re the precious child that I created
Who you are to Me
Bought with a price you’re My beloved
Who you are to Me
Open your eyes and I’ll show you how to see what I see
If you would just believe that you are who you are to Me”

“Has it ever crossed your mind?”  I think it’s probably crossed my mind, but I don’t want it to be something that just passes through… in one ear and out the other.  I want this truth to settle into my very core… I AM a precious child.  I am bought with a price.  I am beloved.  “I am who I am by the grace of God.”  Help me believe, God! Open my eyes and show me how to see what You see in me God!


It kind of makes me think of another songs that’s on the CD currently in my CD player in my car.  It’s called “Pleasing” by Glenn Packiam.


Creator create in me a clean heart
Give to me a new start
Make me like You are
Redeemer redeem the time I’ve wasted
Restore the joy I’ve tasted
Take me where You are

Take my offering
And make it everything that’s pleasing
Pleasing to Your heart
Take my everything
And make an offering that’s pleasing
Pleasing to Your heart O God

Savior save me in my weakness
Hide me in You Jesus
Hold me in Your arms
Keeper keep my feet from falling
Hear me as I’m calling
Lift me in Your arms


I absolutely LOVE the chorus of this song.  First it’s a plea for God to take my offering… whatever it is I give and make it everything that would be pleasing to him.  But then, the even cooler part is the concept of God taking my everything and making… crafting and offering that is truly pleasing to his heart.  I love this because it doesn’t just say “God take all of the best I can conjure up.” or “God take the good parts of me.”  It prays… God take EVERYTHING… the good, the bad, AND the ugly… take the times when I truly do bring an offering that’s pleasing to you… but also take the times when my motives are wrong or the times when I simple come so broken that I have nothing to actually give… take the moments when I am dancing with praise… and the moments heart broken in tears… take it ALL… and make it an offering that pleases you.  Oh Lord, amen! LET IT BE SO!

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