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Demolition gives way To a Beautiful Rebuilding

The basement renovations are well under way at First Trinity.  At the end of last week I peeked in down there and was amazed at all that has taken place.  Partitions were taken down.  The ceiling removed.  Construction workers spent an entire day demo-ing 3 steps into the old storage room/soon-to-be prayer chapel.  A whole brick wall at the foot of the stairs is GONE.   And the building process has begun as well… seeing frames for new walls, the platform almost complete, and much more.


I was thinking about this as I thought about the demolition process that sometimes has to occur in our own hearts.  All of us have some walls built up somewhere from something that’s happened in our lives.  Maybe it was a relationship in which we got hurt, so we refuse to be vulnerable again.  Or perhaps we just so much desire to portray an image of “having it all together” that we don’t even let ourselves see the pain that is inevitable in ALL of our lives… for no one is exempt from pain.


No matter what caused these walls to go up, we must remember that they don’t just keep out pain, they keep us from letting love and joy in as well. 

These walls must come down. 

And when they do, it’s not pretty… but then again, when IS demolition “pretty”?  Dust flying everywhere, loud noises, sledge hammers, and jack hammers, heart hammers… destruction. 


Oh but what joy when we realize that the demolition gives way to a beautiful rebuilding…just the way the Master Creator designed it…

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