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Free to Be Me

A couple places lately the idea of making decision following God’s will has come up in discussion.  We kind of talked about it a little at Lifegroup last night.  Its common conversation among all of us interns as we each are in different situations with calls and interviews and placement (oh my).  I’ve had more and more conversations with high school seniors trying to decide where to go to college.  And I’m just in those young adult years where big life decisions are made. 


This morning I was thinking for some reason (not sure why) about the idea that when someone says “no” to something, that means they are saying “yes” to something else.  I was contemplating how the reverse is sometimes true as well… saying “yes” to one thing, can, at times, automatically mean no to something else.  All of these thoughts together this morning exploded into the following song.  Maybe eventually I”ll get a recording of it up on here, but for now, I’ll let you in on the lyrics to the “new song” in my heart right now.  What freedom is found when we say YES to the person God desires us to be!!!


Free to Be Me

Questions filling up my mind
Yes or no? Help me decide.
No or yes, make the answer clear
As You strip away any doubt and fear


Lord, please teach Your way to me
Guide, me lead me, help me see
The person You want me to be
Let me walk in Your steps,
And follow Thee


Saying “yes” to this may mean
Saying “no” to another thing
But saying “no” to this, I see
Says “YES!” to who You want me to be


by Rebekah Freed
Copyright 2011

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