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A new day

Throughout the past however-many years, I’ve occasionally taken up the practice for some period of time to list each day blessings or joys from God, things to be thankful for, places I saw him, etc. This practice has been brought again to the surface through the reading of “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.  To list the graces, one by one… to give thanks in all things, even the ones that don’t seem joyful or “good” from our perspective. 


Yesterday I realized that in “counting” my blessings each day I often list “a new day”.  I began to wonder first if that was cheating of some sort… if I’m counting them can I use the same one over again.  Before the thought could come to completion, I knew the answer was a resounding YES.  For each new day is a true blessing.  Not one more moment is promised, each is precious…LIFE is precious.  As I sat this morning fighting off temptation to hurry a song played through my apartment reminding me that this day is gift.  This moment…gift.  And I can praise God for another day….


I’ve got a hand that I can hold
Someone who knows my soul
A safe place to lay my head at night
So why do I forget
How much I’ve been blessed in life
Forget what means the most to me
As I’m waking up again I feel my beating heart
So grateful that I’ve come this far
and thank God for


Another day
Another chance to love the ones I love
To find my way
To laugh, to dance
Watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live
As if
Every breath could be the last I take
I get another day


To make somebody smile
Go the extra mile
Take a wrong and make it right
And try to touch somebody’s life
I get another day


Thank you God for each new day…


for each new day you do not fail! (Zeph 3:5)

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