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Beautiful Words, Guitars, and Emptiness filled

Ann Voskamp is one of the most beautiful women I know.


I don’t really know her in the sense that I haven’t met her and she doesn’t really know who I am.  However, through the words on her blog, I feel as if I know enough to be able to make the above statement. 


I am almost all the way through her book, One Thousand Gifts, and it definitely ranks in the top 5 books I’ve ever read. 


I also follow her blog and was caught breathless time and time again as I read today’s post… such beautiful words… talking about song and guitars and emptiness filled.  Below is a glimpse, but I encourage you to read the whole post by clicking here.  (Just be warned… once you start reading her blog you won’t want to stop!!!)


Singing truth to myself: stay open to His will, lay the hand open, always be an open space…. To take Christ-courage and bare the empty places, because like the inner hollow chamber of a guitar, it’s only when we stand in our own interior emptiness that we can become an amphitheater of God song.

…We move to the music of emptiness.

That is what this is. The curves of a guitar holds emptiness, and in patient arms, emptiness can sing.

I watch how her fingers gracefully play up the long, slender neck. How she cradles the wood. How she embraces the void within it and listens to it.

Scripture is the steel threads, holding the world together, and when we let the fingers pluck along these sacred strings, the lines of red letters, Christ plays in one thousand places and even our hollow emptiness is a beauty that reverberates with the refrain of Love.

The black space under the willing strings amplify sounds and a chamber of dark is a holy hollowness holding songs. This is profound. This is grace.

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