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Sorry, You’re not getting an Intern.

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

After the announcement part of our placement dinner was complete, the room exploded with conversation. Hugs shared all around (I don’t think there were (m)any tears).  Someone broke out the atlas and we started finding

Wausau and Flushing, WI;

Huntington and Georgetown IN;

Bryant, AR;



Brenda, the DCE secretary began passing out folders for each of us that contained information about our church and the surrounding area.  When Brenda reached me and my family, she said something to the effect of, “Wow. Just wait until you hear the story of YOUR internship site placement!”


This started the process of slowly unraveling what was actually taking place behind the scenes leading up to my hearing: “First Trinity Lutheran Church – Tonawanda, NY”.

What follows is the story as I’ve pieced it together from various sources.


First of all, the general process for internship placement is:

* Churches apply for an intern. 

* Tim, one of our professors, interviews all the future interns and visits/interviews all the churches that have applied for an intern.

* Once Tim finishes visiting all the churches he matches church preferences with student preferences and then keeps it all a secret until placement announcement day when we get to hear about it.

(Oh except I forgot the 2+ weeks leading up to announcement where the professors play the “I know where you’re going and you don’t game”… except, as you’ll come to find out… THEY didn’t even know where I was going yet!)


When the deadline for churches to apply rolled around (February 1), there still wasn’t enough sites.  The professors send word out that they were still looking for churches if they wanted to apply.   Soon more congregations applied and they had more possible sites than they needed. 


Fast forward to the end of March, two weeks before we would find out where we were going.  Sue Steege called up the DCE office wondering if they were still looking for internship sites.  From the stories I’ve been told she was basically told, “We have more than enough sites.  We’re less than 2 weeks from placement announcement. You could apply again for January but there’s no way you’re getting an intern this summer.” 


Sue went back to working with the rest of the FT team to figure out where God was leading them for the future of high school ministry and Tim, the internship placement coordinator, went on finishing his last few visits to prepare for placement announcement.


…. to be continued….

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