Internship Highlights

Okay. So maybe you ARE getting an Intern.

…. continued from yesterday


So as I said yesterday. Sue dismissed the idea of getting an intern and Tim went about his work of visiting the last couple possible sites. 


After the sites had all been visited his process of making final rearrangements of who was going where began.  Somehow in this process he thought, “you know, maybe First Trinity would be a good internship site.”  So on Saturday April 3, the day before Easter and just one week before I found out where I was going, Tim called Sue.

Sue happened to be out walking Zamni when she got this unexpected call, “Are you still interested in an intern?”  They talked for a while that day and set up an interview of sorts for Wednesday.

(Again, this is all what I’ve heard so you’ll have to ask Tim or Sue if you want more information).

Wednesday, it was decided that First Trinity would be getting an intern.

Thursday, Sue and Jason went around the church, even taking flyers off the wall I hear, trying to collect things to send to NE to put in my aforementioned folder.  After finishing a job description and the necessary paperwork, they threw it all in an overnight envelope and mailed it off to NE.

The envelope arrived Friday afternoon.  Brenda, the DCE secretary opened it, relieved to finally have its contents, only to find that the contract and other necessary paperwork never made it in the envelope.  A quick phone call to Sue and a few faxes later, my folder was finished Friday afternoon, ready to be handed to me, as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary took place, the very next morning.  🙂


What was that verse I quoted the other day????  The one about God’s ways been higher than our ways… and his plans often different than our own??? 🙂 🙂 🙂


The best thing about the whole process is that Sue, nor Tim, First Trinity, nor Concordia, knew where I was headed until a couple days before the announcement day… but God did all along.  


Tomorrow, there will be one last “installment” in this series that’s developed, which, in my opinion, is the neatest part of the whole story!!!

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