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But What If I end Up Some Place Like New York?!?!?

I didn’t want to clutter the other post from today with this story, but it is, as my staffmates would say “hi-larious” and just one of those things that confirms in my mind that God truly does have a sense of humor:


So during my last semester at Concordia I was trying to make the decision of whether or not to go to Uganda.  There were many things that were trying to get in the way… health issues, concerns about finances both for Uganda and then also for needed to get a car and move/get settled in a new apartment, etc.  I also had to choose whether or not to go to Uganda before knowing where I was going for internship nor WHEN I was going to need to show up there. 


During this time of prayer… conversation back and forth between God and I, I distinctly remember listing off some “what-ifs”, partly just so God could debunk them with some truth.  One thing I remember praying was, “But God, what if I go to Uganda and live this simple, slower, non-hurried life for a month and then have to jump into life in some fast-paced place?  How could I handle the culture shock.  Are you sure this isn’t too much God. I mean, what if I end up having to move to like NEW YORK a week after I get back or something???  


Now, for all of you that may not be from around here, I guarantee you that life in WNY is not the stereotypical fast-paced, hurried, crazy life we see in the movies from NYC.  So, thankfully that was not an issue coming back from Uganda, and as I said in my previous post, really this was the perfect place/congregation to come back to who understood some of those culture shock elements and mission work and just made that transition so easy.


BUT you do have to admit that it’s quite hilarious!!!! 


It’s a cool reminder to me that when God tells us not to fear (which he says more than any other command in the Bible), he’s not guaranteeing that our worst fear might not come true… He’s just saying that if it does, He will take care of us every step of the way!

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