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I Believe

Below are the lyrics for the song “I Believe” written by the First Trinity Youth Band and some of the 8th grade confirmands to celebrate today.  It was so neat to lead the congregation in singing this during the processional today.


I Believe

This is what I believe:
Jesus died giving life to you and to me
This is what I believe:
By grace alone we are saved, in Christ we are free!
I stand here today.  I stand and proclaim: “This is what I believe.”


God, You’re my Father, I am Your Child.
You’re the Great Shepherd looking after His sheep.
Help me to follow You, each and ev’ry day.
As You reveal Your love so deep.   (CHORUS)


In Your compassion, You gave Your life.
You saw my need and said, “you’re worth dying for!”
Then, after three days, You rose from the grave.
Now I’ll live with You forevermore!

As I go through my life ev’ry day
Guide me and lead me, Lord.  Please stand by my side.
You are my light, my refuge, my strength.
For in my heart Your love will reside.  (CHORUS)

I stand here today.
I stand and proclaim:
”This is what I believe!”


Written by Sarah Bissell, Jake Collins, Josh Collins, Rebekah Freed, Matt Mogensen, Christian Peth, Abbie Stone, and Becky Whited

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