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Holy Ground… and a pretty awesome space too!

Can I just say that the newly renovated basement is probably one of the most amazing things ever?!?  Well, I’m going too:  “The newly renovated basement is one of the most amazing things ever! 🙂


Tonight, at Crossroads CONNECT (our weekly Thursday night program for High School students) one of the students, about an hour after we got there just stopped and said something to the effect of, “Wow!  I just realized how cool this space is. We’ve been here for an hour and just looked around and realized that we’re actually meeting here!”


It was a neat moment as everyone agreed.


Last week at one point, I went down there to work for a while, just because I could.  I was working on a Bible study about Moses and the burning bush.  On my way back upstairs I stopped at the prayer wall.  It’s has a cool design of crosses with 4 different kinds of surfaces to place prayers on the wall… magnetic board, chalkboard, dry erase board, and tack board. 


As I read the prayers that had been lifted up there the week before at our grand opening and dedication for it (also Easter Sunday) I suddenly felt the need, like Moses whom I had just been reading about, to take off my shoes.  It is truly holy ground!  Today, I took some pictures of a few of those prayers and thought maybe we could recreate some holy ground right here, on this National Day of Prayer:


0505111746b 0505111745a

 0505111746 05051117450505111746a


So what about you?  What would you write on the prayer wall?  What do you have to be thankful for?  What burdens are you carrying?  Let’s turn the comments section into holy ground as we lift each others needs and praises up in prayer… on this National Day of Prayer and everyday.

3 thoughts on “Holy Ground… and a pretty awesome space too!”

  1. God, I’m grateful that your love transcends distance. Thanks for connecting us with our friends through your Son even though we’re miles apart.

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