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Looks like NY will soon have a new Resident

Yep that’s right… in case everyone at First Trinity didn’t hear this weekend, I officially accepted my call!


Check out a copy of my letter below.



May 26, 2011


Dear Members of First Trinity Lutheran Church:


What an immense blessing it has been to work and serve God with you the past 10 months of my internship! I could not have asked God for a better place to learn and grow, to be challenged, supported, and loved as I finished my last year of undergraduate studies. I was overjoyed three weeks ago when I heard the results of the congregational meeting and experienced that same emotion again this weekend when I received the call to serve as the Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries.


Having prayerfully considered your call, I am excited to report the acceptance of the call to First Trinity Lutheran Church! Without a doubt, I believe God wants me to continue in ministry with you. I am eager to see His great plans unfold as we work together to transform our world, one life at a time, through the power of God’s Living Word.


Joyfully Blessed in Christ,

Rebekah Ruth Freed



5 thoughts on “Looks like NY will soon have a new Resident”

  1. YES! This is a beautiful thing! Your letter is so eloquent, so gracious, so marked by your willingness to continue checking in with our Father when it comes to all things. So excited for you, dear friend. What an adventure!

  2. Great decision! Funny, we think, “I would never live in NY.” Then we learn God has a sense of humor. First Trinity and the Buffalo area is a great place to be.

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