Today has enough troubles of it’s own.

To be honest, the past couple of weeks, especially last week, have been a little crazy.  I was getting final preparations together for the Young Adult Trivia Night this past Saturday (thanks again to everyone who worked together to make that happen!).  My internship supervisor from Nebraska was also in town for his final visit from Saturday through Monday. Add on all the end of the year stuff and there were a few points last week where I began to get a little overwhelmed.  However, God kept bringing me back to this piece of truth from His Word:

Matthew 6:34 “… Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 

I decided to take this into consideration in a literal sense as I tried to sort through the overwhelming to-do list in front of me.  This is what I ended up with:

I realized that many of the things that were consuming my thoughts and overwhelming me were not even things I COULD do today even if I did have time.  Others things that were consuming some time were things that probably should wait until another day.  So, whenever a thought came into my head of something that needed done, I simply could ask myself, “Is this something God is asking me to worry about today?”  If so, it went on the left column, if not, I could put it on the right column and rest in the fact that I wouldn’t forget about it, but realized that it wasn’t something I needed to worry about right this moment.

The coolest thing is, that as I’ve done this for a few days, I’ve never even finished everything on my “today” list… but I always accomplished what REALLY needed to be done in that day. 

I find it very exciting when we come across passages that not only can easily connect to our lives, but are also extremely helpful!  May God give us strength and wisdom to do what God has for us to do TODAY and the peace to leave the rest for … not today! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Today has enough troubles of it’s own.”

  1. God’s wisdom is so clear in this photo. I think I just might try it myself. Thank you for this, Bekah.

  2. SO true! This is one of my favorite biblical passages, because once I realized its power, I’ve tried my best to be faithful in following its direction. It makes SUCH a difference to live life one day at a time.

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