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Hurricane, huh?

In 18 days a group of 23 youth and 5 adults from First Trinity will load up some vans and head off to serve the people of Hurricane, WV. 

Many people laugh at the name “Hurricane” and probably secretly wonder how it got its name.  Well, our youth have ideas of their own!  Below are 4 fake stories written by members of our mission team of how Hurricane got its name along with the real story.  Now it’s your turn (without searching it on the internet!!!) to figure out the REAL story behind how Hurricane, WV received its name.



In 1859 there was a mass flood warning.  Everyone evacuated the town once called “Mt. Carnegie.”  They put all of their stuff in the care of Joseph Hurricane, the only man staying in town.  After a week, no flood came.  In commemoration of Hurricane’s bravery, the town was renamed “Hurricane”. 



While Samuel J. Hurricane was exploring the US, he ended up in a deserted town.  He wanted to start his own business to bring people in. He made a church and started preaching.  He brough many, many people to this town to spread the Word of God.  When the town needed to be named, everyone thought it should be named Hurricane in honor of the man who founded the town.  From then on Hurricane, WV was a God praising, loving town.



So the English came in the 1600s and they had to fight Indians frequently.  One day a huge Hurricane threatened to destroy this area and they had to work together to stay alive.  After they all survived and settled in the area both the Indians and the English decided to name the town Hurricane.



On a cool misty morning in the year of 1774, a group of surveyors sent by George Washington himself, travelled down the Kanawha River.  The sun was rising and as they looked up, they realized that all the trees at the mouth of one creek were bent in the same direction.  They called it “the place of the hurricane.”  When people settled in that area later, the town near there became named, “Hurricane, WV.”



An Englishman named James Hurricane moved to Virginia but he wasn’t satisfied.  Wanting more land, he moved west.  He settled down in an isolated place.  It didn’t take long for other people to do the same as him.  Many people moved in, establishing a small town.  Because James Hurricane was the first to settled there, it was named Hurricane, West Virginia.


Okay… so which story gets your vote?  How did Hurricane, WV get it’s name?

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