And the true story is…

16 days until workcamp! 

And for all of you wondering the real story about how Hurricane, WV got its name, the true story is….

Story #4

On a cool misty morning in the year of 1774, a group of surveyors sent by George Washington himself, travelled down the Kanawha River.  The sun was rising and as they looked up, they realized that all the trees at the mouth of one creek were bent in the same direction.  They called it “the place of the hurricane.”  When people settled in that area later, the town near there became named, “Hurricane, WV.”


That’s the town that will be “home” for 400 youth and adults from across the country (including 28 from First Trinity) from July16-24.   To learn more about the town where we will be serving, check out the town’s website.  In these days leading up to our trip, please continue to pray for our youth and the residents we will be serving.

(P.S. Congrats to Team 5 who managed to trick the most people into believing their story!)

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