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A year of lessons… a year of grace.

It’s crazy to think that one year ago I was sitting with  my in my brand new apartment, surrounded by boxes, in a town (state) I had never been to before, after driving 3 days across the country, wondering what in the world the year ahead of me held.  Now, I am truly blessed to call this place … home.  This year has truly had it’s ups and downs and in betweens.  I thought I would take some time to recap this year.  Here is a list, to remind myself, of all a very small portion of the things God has taught me in the last 365 days… learnings, quotes, encouragements from friends, and so much more:  

–          God’s grace is undeserved, but so beautiful.  Kind of like showing up to a new place and having an entire apartment full of furniture and food given to you by people you’ve never met.

–          God doesn’t just work in things to make them “moderately okay”… he makes them new… he makes them perfect. (In HIS time and HIS way of course!)

–          “Each day, it is absolutely crucial for me to listen for God’s voice, affirming that I am God’s beloved child.  Only then can I resist the temptation to reinhabit my false identity.  Only when I am listening to God’s voice, and not my own, am I set FREE from having to prove to the world (or to myself) that I am worth loving, because God has already, repeatedly, affirmed his love for me.”  ~ Fil Anderson

–          “God’s love for you and his choice of you constitute your worth.  Accept that and let it become the most important thing in your life.  Define yourself radically as one beloved by God.” ~ Jerusha Clark

–          “Martha thought she had value because she was productive.  Jesus wanted her to learn she had value simply because she was His.” ~ Joanna Weaver

–          “Reconsidering what it means to ‘take heart.’ He doesn’t say ‘be strong’ or ‘toughen up’.  Naw.  You gotta go where the feelings are because one of those feelings is love, and that’s the one that saves us all.” – Lisa Smith

–          God will provide!  Trust him Bekah! 

–          God is more than enough!

–          Awkward can be okay.  Jesus was probably in a lot of awkward situations.  If change is going to happen, there WILL be awkward moments…FACT.  Get used to awkward and do it anyway… it’s just past awkward that God works most powerfully.

–          The deepest peace is found in the midst of chaos. – When we find peace in the chaotic times it is SO beautiful and freeing.  It’s like black font on white paper or a diamond shimmering more against a black backdrop.  Seek peace and pursue it!  The peace You provide, God, is beyond this world!

–          BE STILL and know that I AM GOD!

–          My main purpose in life is to bring God glory and make the most of Jesus’ name. – Whether “good” or “bad” comes in my life, I have a choice in how I react.  Is my life today, in the big and little things, bringing God glory?

–          Constantly pray for more grace.

–          Tears are okay.  Tears can be good.

–          FIGHT for intimacy with God. – So many things will try to steal it.

–          Play to win rather than playing not to lose.

–          Some of the best foods ministries are the messy ones.

–          Use what you have in front of you.  God always provides.

–          Sometimes (most times) we have to allow brokenness in order for God to heal us.

–          Surround yourself with people who will challenge you not to be “more” in general, but rather more YOU… more of the exact person God’s created you to be.

–          When you are making a big decision, as you begin to walk the direction desires for you, there will be peace.

–          When in doubt, love people.

–          “‘God loves you’ is not a platitude or a simple answer for all of life’s hurts.  It is the most radical, most complex truth of your existence, the most poignant hope of your heart.” – Jerusha Clark

Wow.  If only I could list ALL the things I’ve learned.  This list doesn’t even seem to scratch the surface… and of course about 99% of these things I’m still learning, but I am so thankful for this wonderful place where God could begin and continue to teach my heart so many things that would draw me closer to him.  I think that if I had to sum up everything I’ve learned in one word, that word would be…


It’s such a beautiful thing that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully understand, nor be able to thank God enough for.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have been a part of my life this year… helping me learn these lessons, helping me get adjusted to a new city and church and job, helping me learn a little more about who I am and who God is, being my friends, being my mentors, being you as we walk together through life.  Looking forward to many more years of learning and growing and seeing Jesus together.

4 thoughts on “A year of lessons… a year of grace.”

  1. I have grown so much this year because of you, Bekah. I thank God for you and rejoice in the thought of even more years of your wisdom and words.

  2. As I am still in the process of catching up on blogs and posts from this summer, I am reading yours tonight and I know it is not by accident. Thank you for sharing these words on grace and on life. They were definately what I needed to read tonight and what my heart needed to hear. Thank you for walking with me this past year and for letting me walk with you, through all of the ups and downs. God is using you, my friend, in both big and small ways. You are beautiful and loved! May you always be reminded of that! Praying for you and love you oodles!! 🙂

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