31 years

Dad was getting impatient and wanted to get his family home after a long day of travelling. The torrential rain and dangerous winds originally causing them to pull off the highway had slowed. However, the rain came down so fast that they now found themselves flooded into a random medical building parking lot only 20 miles from home. Dad wanted to try, especially as he saw other cars pass by without getting stuck. Mom knew he wanted to try. Mom also worried about the depth of the water.

She didn’t have to say much and dad knew what she was thinking. He saw it on her face. He heard it in the tone behind her few select words.

What if we got stuck? she thought. Can’t we just wait it out?

“What do you want me to do?” he asked each time a decision had to be made. “Should we try this way out or do we want to wait a little longer?”

He asked. And then He listened.

Sometimes he did exactly what mom wanted him to do; he knew that truly hearing his wife’s heart about the situation was far more important than trying to get home faster.
Other times, he took in her feelings, yet still chose to take a risk in order to try to get his family home.

“Let’s try this way.” He would suggest.

“Do you think this, or this… would be better?” He asked for input.

In it all, she stood beside his decisions, offering her thoughts and feelings, but letting him drive.

And we made it home… safe, sound, and (at least for this daughter) with a new appreciation for maybe just HOW her parents made it to be celebrating 31 years of wedded life today!


Love you mom and dad. Thanks for being living examples of what it means for a husband and wife to love and listen to each other!

Congrats on 31 years!

4 thoughts on “31 years”

  1. so that’s how it works. Normally I have my idea and then Susan tells me the right way.

  2. Parents never stop being an example to their children. I just realized this reading your blog. You have a beautiful, open heart that will allow you to continue to grow in their guidance!

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