It is truly humbling to sit at a memorial service for a man and suddenly realize that he had prayed for you everyday of his last 8 months on earth …and even more to to recall that he described that experience as often blessing HIM!

I’m in awe as I recall some of the emails Brian sent to me over the time I’ve served at FT including this one:

“Taking the time to pray for Bekah’s well being and prosperity has really brought me closer to my Father and is teaching me to focus less on myself and more, (much more) on the needs of others. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that someone, somewhere is always thinking about you and praying for you. You’re much loved, Bekah!”

Yes, Brian it is amazing to realize how loved I am and it was very obvious at your memorial service tonight that you were greatly loved too! Thanks you for your humble amazing witness! Rest and rejoice with your Savior forever!

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