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I’ve been wanting to write….

I think I haven’t been writing much lately because I feel like I have TOO MANY things write about. That logically doesn’t really make sense but I’m hoping you understand.

I’ve been wanting to write about everything that God’s teaching me through the phrase ‘Breathe Life’…

  • That it’s important to do this everyday… The breathing in God… The breathing out God.
  • That Jesus is life and the restorer of life. We need him to restore us. And in the same moment He calls us to life, in that same breath, he calls us to breathe life into the people around us.
  • That to breathe life is to call on God and let Him pour his grace all over you!
  • That Adam body was just a lump of clay until the breath of God came into the picture. Life is about relationship.
  • That as we breathe in the air God breathes out through His Word, trust builds in our hearts.
  • That the Lord is near… as near as the air I breathe.
  • That sometimes different activities require you to breathe different than normal. In running you breathe faster and more often to get the necessary oxygen to your body. In the more intense moments of our lives maybe we need to take in God more often in shorter segments. In singing you breathe deeper, because you must use that air to make sound come out. As we find situations to breathe the truth of God’s Word into the lives of others we must breathe more deeply the grace of God so that the words come out on pitch and with the right dynamic.
  • That breathing is a constant thing … in and out … in and out … in and out… all day, every day, because we need it to survive. And grace, too, is constant and necessary.

I’ve been wanting to write about free books and freedom…

  • That to cry and question and ask the “why’s” can be a form a worship.
  • “…part of the healing is found, not so much in getting an answer, but in asking the questions and crying out to God. What we are talking about, essentially is worship. … healing is found in worship.” (Torn by Jud Wilhite)
  • And that “nothing happens that God cannot either stop or redeem.” (Torn by Jud Wilhite)

I’ve been wanting to write about change…

  • That exciting things can also be overwhelming.
  • That good things can have difficult parts.
  • That sometimes the best things are also the hardest things.
  • That Kansas and New York don’t communicate well when it comes to people and cars becoming New York residents… and that some day I will officially live here.
  • That God always provides exactly what and who we need in the midst of change.
  • That all of the sudden you stop dead in your tracks and realize that you’re not who you used to be and you don’t have to be. And this is what it means for God to make new.

I’ve been wanting to write about tomato plants…

  • Psalm 37:7 – “Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him.”
  • To lean myself upon Him… kind of as a tomato plant leans upon it’s cage… just patiently resting, leaning, waiting for fruit to grow.

I’ve been wanting to write…

3 thoughts on “I’ve been wanting to write….”

  1. This is breath! I’m so glad you’ve begun the joyful work of putting one stitch down after another (this is how I think of words.) I love getting to hear your heart.

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