Higher than This Worldly Place

(This is a continuation of my “Your love is deep” posts here and here.)



As I think about this phrase of the song, two thoughts come to mind:


1. Sometimes I get pretty discouraged by the world I see around me. I try to read and/or watch the news in order to know what’s going on in the world, but it’s pretty depressing most of the time. Because of sin, life isn’t always the easiest thing. Loved ones die. People get sick. We fall into temptation. People hurt us. I am so glad that God’s love is higher than this worldly place because that means that someday, all this pain, hurt, and confusion will be over!


2. This world does things different than God does. Actually, the world’s ways and God’s ways are completely opposite. The world says, “Climb the corporate ladder”. God says, “humble yourselves.” The world says “strong men don’t cry.” God says, “Jesus wept.” The world says, “Be a consumer.” God says, “Be a good steward.” The world says, “Be independent and tough.” God says, “Depend on me.” The world says, “Everybody’s doing it.” God says, “My way is better!”

The last one there is what we talked briefly about on Saturday at the breakout session I led. God’s love calls us to do things that are opposite of the world’s ways. God’s love calls us to maybe NOT do things the world wants us to do. Often we think he’s just trying to steal all our fun, but in reality he’s just reminding us that his way is better.

Think about a machine for a minute. It’s obvious that whoever invents and creates a machine will know how it runs best. They know what it needs to work, what environment in which it will run best, and how to fix it if it breaks down.

God made us. Yet, we think WE know how we run best. Often as we go through life, we hear God, the Creator telling us that life will work best in “this” way or “this environment”, but we think we know better. God’s love shows us that the rules and guidelines he gives us in his words aren’t there to ruin in our fun. No, instead they’re there because he knows how he designed us to function best. Thankfully, God’s love is greater than this worldly place and even when we give in to the worldly ways, he draws us back with his great love.



Thank you God for your deep, high, long, wide love!

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