Too Much to Write About…

Sorry for the silence on here for a while.  Besides the random post a couple days ago, I think there has just been so much to blog about that any time I tried to start I just got overwhelm.  So, in attempt to get myself going again, I am giving myself 30 minutes this morning to write all of the posts I’ve been wanting to write.  That means I’ll have to keep them shorter.  Then I’ll set them up to automatically post over the next few days.  Here’s the list:

  • Finish my “Your Love is Deep” series of sorts  (2 posts: “Longer Than this Road I Travel – Part 2; Wider than the Gap you Fill”)
  • My college visit tour
  • To Save a Life Movie Night coming up
  • Sunday School “something BIG” project
  • A “Running With Purpose” Update
  • (And maybe a couple more)

Okay… 5 for sure… that means 5-6 minutes each… so don’t be expecting amazing quality, but I just want to get them written.

Ready, Set, GO!

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