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The Presence of God Around Us

This past weekend was a lot of fun for me in ministry… a little crazy… but a lot of fun.  It seems that the Christmas season creates opportunities for people to connect with each other than normally wouldn’t be around.  Over the past week or so, this has been the case time and time again:


  • Last Thursday night, a group of 8-10 youth and their families joined together to carol at a local apartment complex for senior citizens.  In addition to interactions between the youth and the residents at that apartment complex, it was fun to have some of the parents and families along for the fun as well.
  • I think about the youth band rehearsing on Saturday and performing on Sunday with the Kingdom Quest kids for the Children’s Christmas Program.  The youth involved had an opportunity to remember their years of singing/reading in the program and be involved in a fun new way.  During rehearsal, there were periods of time when the youth band was not actively involved in something.  This could have been disastrous, however these youth stepped up to the challenge of being leaders when I reminded them that they were the “cool older kids” and that 20 sets of young eyes were on them.  They also have stepped up to my challenges in rehearsal to become better musicians and refine the gifts God has given us in order to lead others in worship of Him.
  • On Saturday night we had the Young Adult Christmas Party, which took the form of a progressive dinner.  Instead of visiting homes of people from within the group, various congregation families volunteered to host us.  It was a great time of generations intermingling and of meeting new people.   I’m especially thankful for Tracy and Mark Bramwell, along with Tracy’s mom, who insisted upon hosting despite it being Tracy’s birthday.
  • Sunday morning I invited the First Trinity college students to come “crash” high school Sunday school.  Seven of these young adults were able to join us and share a little about their lives after high school.  High School students asked questions that ranged from “How is the food?” to “What helps you stay strong in your faith at school?”  I’m thinking this might have to become an annual event each year when the college students are back home from break.
  • Sunday after church we had another cool opportunity in high school ministry.  Two of our students are having surgery this week or next.  A tradition has grown here at FT that when a high school student has a surgery coming up, we throw them a prayer party.  This week we got to pray for Josh and Jada.  What a cool experience to surround a high school student and lift them up and even more so, to hear their peers lifting them up as they prepare for surgery.  When you see this event getting talked about on Facebook, you know it’s a big deal in a high school student’s life!  It’s another reminder that we ALL are called to minister to each other!

As we continue to look forward to the coming of our Savior this Christmas,  I pray that my eyes (and yours) would continue to be open to the amazing ways God is working all around us.  He truly is present!

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