2012: SHINE

My last few days have been full of reflecting and planning and “starting new in the new year.”  That’s not a surprise… thousands of other people in the world can say the same thing.   However, if I’m being honest, the fact that I’m finding myself so “into” this stuff this year is kind of annoying me.  I’ve generally been one who stayed away from New Year’s Resolutions (most people will give up by next week) and I guess I’ve just thought that I should have that “start new” attitude everyday not just the first week of January.

But I guess God will use whatever he can to get our attention and He’s made it clear to me the past few days (starting with what He taught me through Pastor’s sermon this past week) that his message to the Israelite in Isaiah 43:19 is true for me right now…. at the start of a new year.

“See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?”

As we journey into 2012, there are a few themes I feel God asking me to focus on (listed below).   I’m not sure if these themes and ideas will last for the entire year or not.  Maybe they’ll last three years.  But God is leading me into a new season and I’m excited to see what he had in store, and hopefully share that with you here on the blog.

Whether you do the “New Year’s” thing or not, blessings to you as 2012 begins!



OneWord365 word: SHINE  (more details coming soon in another blog post).

Theme Passage: Psalm 40  (Click here to read a whole blog post about this.)

Theme Song: “Shine” by Matt Redman

Lord we have seen the rising sun, awakening the early dawn,
And we´re rising up to give you praise.
Lord we have seen the stars and moon, see how they shine,
They shine for you,
And You´re calling us to do the same.

So we rise up with a song, and we rise up with a cry
And we´re giving you our lives.

We will shine like stars in the universe,
Holding out Your truth in the darkest place.
We´ll be living for Your glory,
Jesus we´ll be living for Your glory.
We will burn so bright with Your praise O God,
And declare Your light to this broken world.
We´ll be living for Your glory,
Jesus we´ll be living for Your glory.

Like the sun so radiantly
Sending light for all to see,
Let your holy church arise
Exploding into life,
Like a supernova´s light,
Set your holy church on fire;
We will shine.
© 2006 Sparrow

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