God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday

I almost forgot about God-Sighting Saturday. I am thankful I didn’t because there have been PLENTY. While I could list hundreds, I want to just mention a few in two categories… The PLACES I’ve seen God at work and
The PEOPLE I’ve seen Him working through:


140 characters or less at a time, we’ve gotten to witness God at work in Haiti. From conversations on airplanes to fruit snacks for hungry kids, it’s obvious tht God is at work. Every single tweet that’s come back from the team has been a God-sighting for me (except maybe some of Pastor’s which always seem to be picking on people ….hmmm. Just kidding… That’s a God-sighting too because it means he’s not here to pick on ME! 🙂 In any case I can’t wait to hear the longer stories from the team members of God in Haiti

Many people have been surprised to find out I did not/am not going to Haiti this year. Choosing to stay here in NY this year has been it’s own God sighting. While I always love these types of trips and would live to be there right now, as I prayed about going, somehow it seemed God was saying “not this year”. First of all, I believe God’s calling me to focus right now fully on high school and young adult ministries. By saying “no” to Haiti I’m able to say “yes” to those area more this month. One example of that is that First Trinity was asked to be a part of the field testing for the programming and curriculum that will be used at our Workcamp (and over 50 other Workcamp sites) this summer. Stephanie Mongielo, an adult leader for this year’s team, and I will travel this week to Colorado to join 41 other Workcamp and Week of Hope leaders from all over the country at the Group Publishing headquarters to help develop the material that will impact thousands of youth (and even more residents) this summer! That’s pretty cool if you ask me! (Not to mention we’ll get a sneak peak at the theme which will help us prepare our FT students starting right now.)

My younger cousin Byron left yesterday to spend a few months doing mission work throughout Europe. I sent him a card last week to let him know I was praying and received a reply yesterday which was a God-sighting as he reminded me of how much Jesus loves me. I can’t wait to hear about God at work in Europe.


There are MANY people through which I saw God this week; here are just a few:

My teammates
Those in Haiti, yes, but especially those of us that stayed behind. I am especially thankful for the way they make me laugh everyday. Also thankful for the way they truly care for me and remind me to care for myself. It is such a blessing to get to work with these people everyday with a common mission of transforming lives through the power of God’s living Word.

The ladies in my lifegroup.

I saw God’s word come alive in my living room this Wed as 8 of us gathered to talk about God and life and everything else. They teach me so much!

The many people helping me prepare to move.
About 36 hours after my arrival back in Buffalo later this week I will be moving into the house next door to church. I’ve seen God countless times the last couple weeks in people helping make sure the house is painted, cleaned, and ready to make that happen one week from today.

my family

In the phone conversations and text messages and cards sent from my family back home, I’ve seen God too!

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