God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday (on Sunday)

So with being at a conference all week and then moving yesterday I’ve sadly neglected my blog this week including God sighting Saturday but here we are on Sunday with many sightings of God at work to report. Here are a few of the many places/things/people in whom/which I’ve spotted Him (in no particular order):

* Easy-to-access, quality medical care… For me, for dad, for friends who are sick
* airplanes and safe travel for me and for Haiti teams and more
* friends near, friend far, friends new, friends old, friends reunited, friends made
* community with other youth leaders passionate about youth missions
* Just Dance, love sacs, popcorn, and putt putt
* Sonic
* La Dolce Viva Coffee Shop
* rides to/from airports
* a car cleared of snow
* safety on slick roads
* breakfast for dinner and time in God’s Word with others
* Painting hands, cleaning hands, carpet-installer-calling hands, praying hands, packing hands, carrying hands, comforting hands, unpacking hands, truck-and-trailer-driving hands, bed-making hands, cooking hands and many more.
* leftovers
* tweets from Haiti
* a friend and her husband opening their home while I was in Colorado
* an engagement story
* facebook messages with friends
* Laura’s song in worship today
* hearing Haiti stories
* grace to be okay with imperfect
* Karlie’s babbling voice on the phone
* friends
* Promises from God’s Word to claim each day this week
* Fuzzy socks
* Encouragement when I need it
* real conversations about what’s true in life
* rest
* random texts from friends

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