God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday (again on Sunday)

Evidently got so focused on settling in yesterday I forgot to post my weekly God-sighting blog. Have no fear… I’m here today to share.


I think one of the biggest God-sightings of the week came thought this weekend as I was trying to get things settled at the house. As I pulled out each picture or other piece of decor, I recalled the story behind each one…

A wall hanging that a friend brought back from Sierra Leone a few years ago


A set of plates given by another friend when I moved into my apartment in Seward… Hung in my kitchen there and now here as well.


A Cross and a picture frame each from Ecuador from two beautiful friends who’ve separately made trips there.



And on and on I went, pulling out pictures of/from my family and friends and suddenly I realized, I am anything BUT alone in this house!

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