Encouragement is a powerful thing.

As I opened my e-mail to start my work week, I was excited to see an e-mail from a friend I met in Africa.  His love for God and passion for sharing it with others was truly evident in my time there and I must say that his encouragement this morning just made the week start off right.  🙂 I could not help but share his encouraging words with all of you.  This morning I lift up the same prayers he mentions for everyone who finds themselves in ministry… which is all of us!   (I’ve added some cultural/personal notes are in italics and parenthesis.)


Dear Rebekah, servant of God, I hope you are doing well and standing strong in the faith of Christianity. Glory be to the Almighty God for his mercy and grace that he appointed and commissioned you for the work of his kingdom.

In a period of some three weeks back, to date,  I have always been convicted to pray for you, for God to give you more grace to stand in salvation, courage and direction as he is going to take you through all hardships, bless you and expand your ministry.  (Three weeks ago today was when I officially checked out of my apartment after moving to my new house.  Exciting to know on that very day, this friend was praying for what God had planned in my life.)

RUTH, THE LORD IS WITH YOU.      Jeremiah 1:4-8.  (In Ugandan culture, all names … first, middle, and last are all used interchangeably.  While there, I could easily be called by “Rebekah”, “Ruth”, or even “Freed”.)

However, I am also continuing with the ministry with much focus on the development of the Youths Empowerment Mission Ministries which I believe will continue to benefit  youths in Uganda and elsewhere. But we still stand with a challenge of getting partners who could help us to fulfill the vision and achieve the desired destiny in the lives of people.

I still feel the zeal to go before God, praying for your life and the ministry.

Please receive my heartily wishes for the best of this week and the whole year.


Be encouraged today, friends, and please join me in praying for and encouraging Youth Empowerment Mission Ministries of Uganda.

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