31 Days of Imperfection

And He Loves Me Anyway… {31 Days of Imperfection – Day 27}

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again:


Somehow ordinary living rooms become sacred as we open our hearts and open God’s Word.

At one point last night, our conversation drifted slightly off topic (which is where the most sacred moments are often found) and what happened there reminded me of this blog series… about our imperfect selves and God’s perfect love.  I’m not sure where the conversation started, but we found ourselves reflecting on this truth:


While that in itself was too big for us to begin to comprehend, it got even crazier with the next comment:

… and he STILL loves us!?!?

Our minds were boggled and the only logical response was…




I’m not sure if anyone else sensed the beauty of that moment, but it seemed as if we were all lost in our own thoughts of the many reasons God could have to NOT love us.  Each of us carries things with us that perhaps not even a single other soul knows.  Most of the time, these secrets are secrets not because they’re exciting, wonderful things but rather we hide them in shame… they’re THAT bad.  I found myself baffled that God knows even THOSE things and loves us anyway.

And slowly, but surely our “WHY!?” of questioning and doubt becomes a “WOW!” filled with overwhelming gratitude, awe, and wonder.


Jesus, help me never forget just how big Your love for me is! Amen!

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