Bekah's Heart, God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday

Thanks for showing up God in today…

  • a change in schedule which provided the freedom to shut off the alarm and roll back over for some much needed rest
  • bread baked and frozen a month ago that provided an easy, quick breakfast
  • books and blog posts
  • an absolutely beautiful piece of music
  • fuzzy socks
  • random texts with friends throughout the day reminding me of God’s provision
  • making music with the members of the youth band in praise of our awesome God
  • impromptu conversations with teammates over muffins and ice cream
  • some Jesus time at a piano… music…. lyrics… heart… prayer
  • a unexpected 20-minute walk and conversation with one of the most beautiful women I know
  • TRUTH: God is bigger!
  • a good, clean movie on a Saturday night
  • conversation with a far-away (yet so close) friend ending with a conversation together with our Savior

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