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I’ve been pondering this for the last few days and just can’t stop thinking about it…

God delights in seeing us delighted.

I wonder what your thoughts on this statement. What is your initial reaction? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? What does this speak to in your life right now? If this is true, how might that change the way you interact with God and simply do life?

Please, share your thoughts in the comments section today.

2 thoughts on “Delight”

  1. It’s refreshing to think that God takes joy in my joy. It really kills the idea I have in the back of my mind of God as a party pooper.

  2. First – God is a god of joy and delight. It’s part of his nature – he delights in us, he is intentional about blessing us, and he is good. He wants us to live abundant lives of continual joy. I believe all those things.

    I think we need to be careful, though, that while we acknowledge that aspect about God, it doesn’t become the most important thing. People delight in evil. People delightfully over-indulge in good things to the point that they become bad things. Ultimately, God wants us to be holy, saved, and His. That’s where our true delight – and his – comes from.

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